Validación y reproducibilidad de la prueba Glittre de actividades de la vida diaria en personas con enfermedad de Parkinson = Validation and reproducibility of the Glittre activities of daily living test for individuals with Parkinson's disease Academic Article uri icon


  • AIM:To investigate the validity and reproducibility of the Glittre Activities of Daily Living (Glittre-ADL) test for individuals with Parkinson's disease. SUBJECTS AND METHODS:Thirty individuals with Parkinson's disease and 19 healthy individuals (control group) were evaluated. Parkinson's disease group was evaluated by the Unified Parkinson's Disease Rating Scale (UPDRS) and underwent the Glittre-ADL test, six-minute walk test (6MWT) and ten-meter walk test (10mWT). Control group performed the Glittre-ADL test. For the intraobserver analysis, two Glittre-ADL tests were performed. For the interobserver analysis, the Glittre-ADL test was repeated on a different day by a second examiner. RESULTS:The Glittre-ADL test was significantly correlated with UPDRS Section II, Section III, and total score. The Glittre-ADL test was inversely correlated with the 6MWT and positively correlated with the 10mWT. The time required to perform the Glittre-ADL test was shorter on the retest in the intraobserver analysis and in the interobserver analysis. The mean difference between the first and second tests, the standard error of measurement and minimum detectable change in minutes were 0.40, 0.08 and 0.24, respectively, for intraobserver, and 0.40, 0.22 and 0.62, for interobserver. CONCLUSION:The Glittre-ADL test is valid and reproducible to evaluate functional capacity in individuals with Parkinson's disease.


  • Silva, DDO
  • Corrêa, JCF
  • de Sá, MAF
  • Normando, VMF
  • Silva, SM
  • Dal Corso, Simone
  • Corrêa, FI

publication date

  • 2019