Using the natural environment to address the psychosocial impact of neurological disability: A systematic review Academic Article uri icon


  • Engaging with the natural environment contributes to favourable psychosocial health outcomes. A systematic review of research published before June 2017 was conducted to establish how engaging with natural environments impact the psychosocial health of people with a neurological disability. Identified studies included populations with dementia (n=14), brain injury (n=2), and stroke (n=2). Evidence suggests that engaging with gardens, and gardening, can favourably impact the emotional and social health of people with dementia and, an explanatory theoretical model is proposed. Considerable research gaps exist and further research investigating the psychosocial impact of engaging with natural environments for people with different neurological conditions (for example spinal cord injury or stroke) is warranted.


  • Lakhani, Ali
  • Norwood, Michael
  • Watling, David P
  • Zeeman, Heidi
  • Kendall, Elizabeth

publication date

  • 2019