Local Discourse on Antiretrovirals and the Lived Experience of Women Living With HIV/AIDS in Thailand Academic Article uri icon


  • Antiretrovirals (ARVs) have been seen as life-saving for HIV-positive people. However, ARVs have a darker side. Since 2000, many HIV-positive people in Thailand have received ARV treatments, but the understanding of ARVs and practices of medication-taking among HIV-positive women have not received much attention. We discuss local discourses employed by HIV-positive women and health work by these individuals in their attempts to adhere to ARVs restrictions. The local discourse of ARVs was ya tan rok AIDS "medications that could resist HIV/AIDS." ARVs provided hope for the women. Although the women were affected by the side effects of ARVs, they continued to take their medication to be able to live longer and perform their duties as mothers and carers. They were more concerned about the practice of medication-taking. Understanding why these women were adherent to their ARVs offers insights into the social impact of these ARVs on their lives.

publication date

  • 2015