Smoothed particle hydrodynamics applied to the modelling of landslides Chapter uri icon

Book Title

  • Advances in Computational Mechanics


  • Landslides are among the most devastating natural hazards because they often initiate rapidly and mobilize very large volumes of material. While the mechanics of landslides is relatively well understood it is still extremely difficult to anticipate any particular event and estimate its potential consequences. Mesh-free methods are ideally suited to handle large deformations associated with slope failure but they often assume the mechanism of failure a priori. In this work we apply Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics to simulate all phases of a landslide within one single numerical platform. A Drücker-Prager model is used to determine the onset of failure. The post-failure behaviour is accommodated naturally by the mesh-free nature of the method. The relevance of the method to the modelling of landslides is demonstrated on several examples of slope failure.

publication date

  • 2014