Improving the quality of electron tomography image volumes using pre-reconstruction filtering Academic Article uri icon


  • Electron tomography produces highly magnified 3D image volumes useful for investigating the structure and function of cellular components. Image quality is degraded by multiple scattering events and quantum noise, which depend on the angle at which individual tilt projections are collected. We have adapted a biomedical imaging approach to improve image quality by enhancing individual tilt projections prior to volumetric reconstruction. Specifically, we have developed a family of non-linear anisotropic diffusion (NAD) filters parameterized by the tilt angle. We give a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of our pre-processing approach and the NAD filter. We show an improvement in the reconstructed volumes for tomograms generated from both plastic-embedded and cryo-stabilized samples of malaria parasite-infected erythrocytes.


  • Maiorca, Mauro
  • Hanssen, Eric
  • Kazmierczak, Edmund
  • Maco, Bohumil
  • Kudryashev, Misha
  • Hall, Richard
  • Quiney, Harry
  • Tilley, Leann

publication date

  • October 2012