Spatial coherence of electron bunches extracted from an arbitrarily shaped cold atom electron source Academic Article uri icon


  • We describe the spatial coherence properties of a cold atom electron source in the framework of a quasihomogeneous wavefield. The model is used as the basis for direct measurements of the transverse spatial coherence length of electron bunches extracted from a cold atom electron source. The coherence length is determined from the measured visibility of a propagated electron distribution with a sinusoidal profile of variable spatial frequency. The electron distribution was controlled via the intensity profile of an atomic excitation laser beam patterned with a spatial light modulator. We measure a lower limit to the coherence length at the source of lc = 7.8 ± 0.9 nm.


  • Saliba, Sebastian D
  • Putkunz, Corey T
  • Sheludko, David V
  • McCulloch, Andrew J
  • Nugent, Keith A
  • Scholten, Robert E

publication date

  • February 13, 2012

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