Seizure-related injuries and hospitalizations: Self-report data from the 2010 Australian Epilepsy Longitudinal Survey Academic Article uri icon


  • AIM: To examine self-report data on seizure-related injuries and hospitalizations. METHOD: We analyzed data from the 2010 Australian Epilepsy Longitudinal Survey, distributed to registrants on the Australian Epilepsy Research Register. 343 responses were received (55% response rate), providing insight into experiences of living with seizures. This article examines self-report data on injuries related to seizures and hospitalizations. RESULTS: 64% of those reporting injuries required hospital treatment. Respondents with seizure-related injuries had significantly earlier seizure onset, with risk of injury related to myoclonic and atonic seizures and currently taking 3 or more AEDs. Soft tissue injuries were the most frequently reported (85%), with 27% indicating facial injuries. CONCLUSIONS: The high rate of hospitalizations largely for soft tissue injuries suggests that access to more appropriate care was not available. Further research into care-seeking behavior by Australians suffering injury following seizure is required. Additionally, awareness of injury risks is important for appropriate self-management of epilepsy.

publication date

  • January 2013