The Scribble-Dlg-Lgl polarity module in development and cancer: From flies to man Academic Article uri icon


  • The Scribble, Par and Crumbs modules were originally identified in the vinegar (fruit) fly, Drosophila melanogaster, as being critical regulators of apico–basal cell polarity. In the present chapter we focus on the Scribble polarity module, composed of Scribble, discs large and lethal giant larvae. Since the discovery of the role of the Scribble polarity module in apico–basal cell polarity, these proteins have also been recognized as having important roles in other forms of polarity, as well as regulation of the actin cytoskeleton, cell signalling and vesicular trafficking. In addition to these physiological roles, an important role for polarity proteins in cancer progression has also been uncovered, with loss of polarity and tissue architecture being strongly correlated with metastatic disease.

publication date

  • 2012