The identification of combat survivability tasks associated with naval vessel damage in maritime environments Academic Article uri icon


  • Effective Navy personnel have the physical ability to perform combat survivability tasks commensurate with their unique physical requirements due to the distinctive characteristics of naval platforms. The aim of this investigation was to identify the physically demanding whole-of-ship tasks that are performed by Navy personnel while at sea. A mixed method design was used to identify tasks, inclusive of focus groups and field observations. From a series of ten focus groups, nine tasks were deemed to be physically demanding whole-of-ship tasks. A subsequent field observation of a combat survivability training course resulted in a refined and expanded 33-item list of physically demanding whole-of-ship tasks across six categories, including; replenishment at sea, emergency response, firefighting, leak stop and repair, toxic hazard and casualty evacuation. The findings from this study provide the basis for the development of physical employment standards for whole-of-ship tasks within the Royal Australian Navy.

publication date

  • 2017