Alcohol Consumption and Purchasing (ACAP) Study: Survey approach, data collection procedures and measurement of the first wave of the Australian arm of the International Alcohol Control Study Report uri icon


  • This is the technical report on the first wave of Alcohol Consumption and Purchasing (ACAP) Study, the Australian arm of the International Alcohol Control study (IAC). The aim of this study is to provide snapshots over time of alcohol consumption in order to ascertain the effect of policy changes on the purchase and consumption of alcohol. The objectives are to study the effects of changes in alcohol regulations and market influences on patterns of drinking and rates of alcohol-related problems in Australian jurisdictions and provide a basis for comparison to other countries in terms of alcohol consumption and harm. The international dimension means that the effectiveness of alcohol-based policies introduced in Australia can be more effectively evaluated when other countries can provide a control. The manner in which the data is collected will allow cross-sectional analyses, longitudinal analyses (after the ACAP study follow-up survey has been collected), and econometric modelling, as well as comparisons from state to state that can reflect state level changes in alcohol legislation. Due to the internationally comparable nature of the project, international comparisons can also be made. The purpose of this report is to provide a brief background to the project, give a comprehensive account of the survey instrument and data collection procedures, and summarize the effectiveness of the methodology approach.

publication date

  • 2014