Alcohol consumption and purchasing in Western Australia Report uri icon


  • In 2013 2020 Australians, including 285 Western Australians, completed a computer assisted telephone interview on alcohol consumption and purchasing. In 2015 a further 600 Western Australians were administered the same survey. The majority of alcohol consumed in Western Australia is consumed in the drinker’s own home (63%), with nearly 80% of alcohol consumed outside of licensed premises. The majority of alcohol purchased for consumption outside of licensed premises was bought in liquor barns (61%). On a big night out WA respondents reported drinking for longer--starting at the same time but drinking later at night – compared to rest of the country. This data was collected before the recent extension of Sunday trading hours. Heavy Western Australian drinkers pay less per standard drink from licensed premises than non-heavy Western Australian drinkers from off-licensed premises. Overall however, prices are generally lower for alcohol purchased for consumption elsewhere than for on-premise drinking. Overall there are many similarities between Western Australian drinkers and those from the rest of the country in terms of the distribution of consumption and purchasing contexts, suggesting that any policies put in place at a federal level would have a similar impact in Western Australia as they would in other states.

publication date

  • December 1, 2015