A fission yeast B-type cyclin functioning early in the cell cycle Academic Article uri icon


  • We have cloned a fission yeast gene, cig1+, encoding a 48 kd product that is most similar to cyclin B proteins. The cig1+ protein has a "cyclin box" approximately 40% identical to B-type cyclins of other species, but lacks the "destruction box" required for proteolysis of mitotic cyclins. Deletion of cig1+ had no observable effect on cell viability or progression through G2 or M phase, but instead caused a marked lag in the progression from G1 to S phase. G1 constituted approximately 70% of the cell cycle in cig1 deletion strains, as compared with less than 10% in cig1+ strains. Constitutive cig1+ overexpression was lethal, causing cessation of growth and arrest in G1. Expression of cig1+ failed to rescue an S. cerevisiae strain lacking CLN Start cyclins. Thus, cig1+ identifies a new class of B-type cyclin acting in G1 or S phase that appears to be functionally distinct from all previously described cyclin proteins.

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  • July 1991

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