A Luminogen with Aggregation-Induced Emission Characteristics for Wash-Free Bacterial Imaging, High-Throughput Antibiotics Screening and Bacterial Susceptibility Evaluation Academic Article uri icon


  • A luminogen with aggregation-induced emission characteristics is reported for bacterial imaging and antibiotics screening studies. The luminogen can light up bacteria in a wash-free manner, which simplifies the imaging process and increases its accuracy in bacterial detection. It can also be applied to high-throughput screening of antibiotics and fast evaluation of bacterial susceptibility, giving reliable results in less than 5 h.


  • Zhao, E
  • Chen, Y
  • Chen, S
  • Deng, H
  • Gui, C
  • Leung, CWT
  • Hong, Y
  • Lam, JWY
  • Tang, BZ

publication date

  • 2015