Fluorescence enhancements of benzene-cored luminophors by restricted intramolecular rotations: AIE and AIEE effects Academic Article uri icon


  • Photoluminescence of simple arylbenzenes with ready synthetic accessibility is enhanced by two orders of magnitude through aggregate formation; viscosity and temperature effects indicate that the emission enhancement is due to the restriction of their intramolecular rotations in the solid state.


  • Zeng, Qi
  • Li, Zhen
  • Dong, Yongqiang
  • Di, Chong'an
  • Qin, Anjun
  • Hong, Yuning
  • Ji, Li
  • Zhu, Zhichao
  • Jim, Cathy KW
  • Yu, Gui
  • Li, Qianqian
  • Li, Zhongan
  • Liu, Yunqi
  • Qin, Jingui
  • Tang, Ben Zhong

publication date

  • January 1, 2007