Fluorescent “light-up” bioprobes based on tetraphenylethylene derivatives with aggregation-induced emission characteristics Academic Article uri icon


  • Aggregation in poor solvents and complexation with calf thymus DNA and bovine serum albumin turn "on" the fluorescence of tetraphenylethylene derivatives, due to the restriction of intra-molecular rotations of the dyes in the aggregates and complexes.


  • Tong, Hui
  • Hong, Yuning
  • Dong, Yongqiang
  • Häußler, Matthias
  • Lam, Jacky WY
  • Li, Zhen
  • Guo, Zufeng
  • Guo, Zhihong
  • Tang, Ben Zhong

publication date

  • January 1, 2006