Breed differences in the frequency of bovine lymphocyte antigens Academic Article uri icon


  • Lymphocytes from 1,564 cattle of 18 breeds and cross-bred groups in Australia were tested for major histocompatibility system class 1 antigens. Gene frequencies were calculated for the Angus, Belmont Red, Brahman, Hereford and Holstein-Friesian breeds. There were substantial differences among these breeds in antigen and gene frequency. There were striking differences among all 18 breeds in the presence or absence of certain antigens. Two antigens, CA13 and CA36, were strongly associated in Hereford cattle but occurred independently of each other in the other breeds.


  • Stear, MJ
  • Brown, SC
  • Dimmock, CK
  • Dufty, JH
  • Hetzel, DJ
  • Mackie, JT
  • Nicholas, FW
  • Tierney, TJ
  • Wetherall, JD

publication date

  • August 7, 1987