Interactions of a molybdenum(VI) oxo-cation with some uronic acids: A 1H- and 13C-nuclear magnetic resonance study Academic Article uri icon


  • The interactions of molybdate, [MoO4]2- with some uronic acids in aqueous D2O solution were studied by 1H- and 13C-NMR. Evidence is presented for a specific binding site of an Mo(VI) oxo-cation (Mo2O5(2+] with alpha-,beta-D-glucuronic acid. It is proposed that complexation involves the carboxylate oxygen (O-6b) and O-4 of the hydroxyl oxygen in a pyranose form (4C1), in the pH region 3.5-5.8.


  • Stojkovski, Stojan
  • Whitfield, Dennis M
  • Sarkar, Bibudhendra
  • Stojkovski, Stojan
  • Magee, Robert J
  • James, Bruce D

publication date

  • June 1990