Stereochemical course of glucan hydrolysis by barley (1 → 3)- and (1 → 3,1 → 4)-β-glucanases Academic Article uri icon


  • The stereochemical course of hydrolysis of Laminaria digitata laminarin and barley (1-->3, 1-->4)-beta-glucan by barley (1-->3)-beta-glucanase (E.C. isoenzyme GII and (1-->3, 1-->4)-beta-glucanase (EC isoenzyme EII, respectively, has been determined by 1H-NMR. Both enzymes catalyse hydrolysis with retention of anomeric configuration (e-->e) and may therefore operate via a double displacement mechanism. We predict that all other members of Family 17 of beta-glycosyl hydrolases also follow this stereochemical course of hydrolysis.


publication date

  • November 1995