Synthesis and X-Ray Structure of syn-Di-μ-thio-bis[(N,N-diethyldithiocarbamato-S,S')oxotungsten(V)] Academic Article uri icon


  • The reaction of WSCl4 and Me3SiS2CNEt2 in tetrahydrofuran produces a green solid which yields WS(S2)(S2CNEt2)2, WO(S2)(S2CNEt2)2 and syn-W2O2( �-S)2(S2CNEt2)2 upon exposure to oxygen. Crystals of syn-W2O2( �-S)2(S2CNEt2)2 are monoclinic and belong to space group C2/c with a 33.880(4), b 7.012(1), c 18.072(1) � ,β 105.94(1)� and Z 8. Refinement on 2651 data measured with Cu K α: radiation converged at R 0.070. The complex possesses a syn-[W2O2(�-S)2]2+ core with a W-W bond [2.808(1) � ] and two terminal W-O bonds [1.66(2) and 1.68(2) � ]. The W-S(bridging) bond distances are in the range 2.319(5)-2.3346) � Each of the square-pyramidal tungsten atoms is further coordinated to a bidentate dithiocarbamate ligand with W-S bond distances ranging from 2.447(6) to 2.459(5) � .

publication date

  • 1989