Genetic correlates of menarcheal age: a multivariate twin study. Academic Article uri icon


  • Multivariate genetic models were fitted to data from 44 pairs of MZ and 42 pairs of DZ twin girls on weight, height, and skeletal maturation at the age of menarche, in order to obtain information on genetic relationships of those measures with the age of menarche. The relationships of all three physical measures with this age were largely genetically controlled, but a genetic system controlling skeletal maturity was identified as the only genetic determinant of menarcheal age, independent of those systems of the two remaining physical measures. Heritabilities of all individual traits considered in the study were uniformly high. Possible links of genetic information with hormonal functions determining menarche are discussed.


  • Loesch, DZ
  • Huggins, R
  • Rogucka, E
  • Hoang, NH
  • Hopper, JL

publication date

  • November 1, 1995