Use of robust statistical methods to determine the effect of fragile X on means and variance components of a quantitative trait Academic Article uri icon


  • Owing to the presence of outliers, an estimated 3.5% in the ridge breadth data and 1.7% in the height data, the effect of fragile X on height and ridge breadth was examined using robust statistical techniques for data collected from 54 families afflicted with this disorder. It is shown that fragile X affects ridge breadth and height in a different manner. Fragile X women had a greater mean ridge breadth than normal women, whereas there was a similar trend, but no significant difference, between normal and fragile X men. Fragile X men were shorter than normal men, but no significant difference between the mean height of normal and fragile X women was observed. However, fragile X girls were shown to grow more quickly and to stop growing earlier than normal girls. An examination of the covariance between relatives classified according to fragile X status showed that for both traits the effect of fragile X was to reduce the covariance between parents and offspring, which produced the effect of departure from an additive polygenic model of inheritance.

publication date

  • 1995