Achieving Efficient Multichannel Conductance in Through-Space Conjugated Single-Molecule Parallel Circuits Academic Article uri icon


  • Constructing single-molecule parallel circuits with multiple conduction channels is an effective strategy to improve the conductance of a single molecular junction, but rarely reported. We present a novel through-space conjugated single-molecule parallel circuit (f-4Ph-4SMe) comprised of a pair of closely parallelly aligned p-quaterphenyl chains tethered by a vinyl bridge and end-capped with four SMe anchoring groups. Scanning-tunneling-microscopy-based break junction (STM-BJ) and transmission calculations demonstrate that f-4Ph-4SMe holds multiple conductance states owing to different contact configurations. When four SMe groups are in contact with two electrodes at the same time, the through-bond and through-space conduction channels work synergistically, resulting in a conductance much larger than those of analogous molecules with two SMe groups or the sum of two p-quaterphenyl chains. The system is an ideal model for understanding electron transport through parallel π-stacked molecular systems and may serve as a key component for integrated molecular circuits with controllable conductance.


  • Shen, P
  • Huang, M
  • Qian, J
  • Li, J
  • Ding, Siyang
  • Zhou, XS
  • Xu, B
  • Zhao, Z
  • Tang, BZ

publication date

  • 2020