The art of compassion : Tibetan, Mongolian, and Burmese Buddhist art from the Todd Barlin collection Catalog uri icon


  • At the heart of all Buddhist art lies a sense of compassion. Compassion informs images of Buddha as much as it does images of wrath, which are merely another aspect of the more usually conceived, gentle type of compassion. As any parent knows, true compassionate love for a child is not always a soft or nurturing thing; to be effective, compassion needs to be tempered with its opposite. So, the apparent contrast between the peaceful Buddhas and their wrathful forms - what we might regard as a separate 'species' of Buddhist art, that of wrath and violence - is, in fact, simply the same theme being looked at from a different side. 'The Art of Compassion' displaying Tibetan and Mongolian Buddhist art from Todd Barlin's private collection, reflects who we really are.

publication date

  • 2018