Some Aspects of the Biology of the Eucalypt-Mining Sawfly Phylacteophaga Froggatti Riek (Hymenoptera: Pergidae). Academic Article uri icon


  • Larvae of Phylacteophaga froggatti mine the upper surface of leaves of Eucalyptus spp., and all early stages are passed inside the leaf. There are four feeding instars in the male and five in the female, followed by a non-feeding prepupa in both sexes. Larval stages are figured, and the life history and impact of Phylacteophaga on Eucalyptus are briefly discussed. Notes are given on the biology of two wasp parasites of Phylacteophaga: Bracon sp. (Braconidae) and Cirrospilus sp. (Eulophidae), which is also a hyperparasite on Bracon.

publication date

  • 1980

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