A study of repairable parts inventory system operating under performance-based contract Academic Article uri icon


  • Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) is becoming a dominant logistics support strategy, especially in the defense industry. PBL contracts are designed to serve the customer's key performance measures, while the traditional contracts for after-sales services, such as Fixed-price (FP) and Cost-plus (C+), only provide insurance or incentive. In this research, we develop an inventory model for a repairable parts system operating under a PBL contract. We model the closed-loop inventory system as an M/M/m queue in which component failures are Poisson distributed and the repair times at the service facility are exponential. Our model provides the supplier and the customer increased flexibility in achieving target availability. Analysis of key parameters suggests that to improve the availability of the system with repairable spare parts, the supplier should work to improve the components reliability and efficiency of repair facility, rather than the base stock level, which has minimal impact on system availability.

publication date

  • October 2011