Population Cytology of the Genus Phaulacridium VI. Seasonal Changes in the Frequency of the B Chromosome in a Population of Ph. vittatum Academic Article uri icon


  • Sequential sampling of adult males from the La Trobe University campus population of Ph. Vittatum has been carried out over two successive years. Within each year there is seen to be a similar change in frequency of males carrying a large, mitotically stable B chromosome. Early in the summer, when adults first appear, the B frequency of the population is low; it then rises to a maximum value in late summer and then declines once more. Possible reasons for this change in B frequency are discussed. Chiasma frequency scores of individuals with and without B chromosomes were also recorded for each sample. It was found that although at anyone time there was no significant difference between individuals with and without B chromosomes, due no doubt to the small numbers sampled, nonetheless the chiasma frequency of the former was always higher than the latter. Since this was the finding for collections over three years, it is concluded that the B chromosomes of Ph. vittatum, like those of other acridids, raise mean cell chiasma frequency.

publication date

  • 1977