PoDFEd: Podiatrists and Diabetes Footcare Education Survey - How do Australian podiatrists provide diabetes education? Academic Article uri icon


  • BACKGROUND:Podiatrists provide care and education to people with diabetes. This often includes the use of education relating to complications of the disease and how to prevent them. It is currently unknown how Australian podiatrists provide this education. This study aimed to describe the foot related diabetes education being delivered to people with diabetes within the Australian podiatry setting. METHODS:This cross-sectional cohort study contacted Australian podiatrists to complete an online survey regarding their provision of diabetes education. The Qualtrics online survey application was advertised to Australian podiatrists via social media, at state conferences and through the Australian Podiatry Association and other similar association group emails. A multivariate stepwise progression was utilised to collate and decipher data. A chi-squared test was used to determine significant links between podiatrist's method of education, demographic variables and topics of education. RESULTS:Findings linked the use of visual, written, generic handout and individualised handouts to various components of education and demographic information of Australian podiatrists. Verbal education had no significant links to demographic and topics of education relating to diabetes. CONCLUSIONS:This paper discovered a range of topics covered and methods used by Australian podiatrists during consultations with patients with diabetes.

publication date

  • 2020