A highly basic N-terminal extension of the mitochondrial matrix enzyme ornithine transcarbamylase from rat liver Academic Article uri icon


  • We have deduced the amino acid sequence of the N-terminal leader peptide of the mitochondrial enzyme ornithine transcarbamylase from a cDNA clone obtained from a rat liver cDNA library. The sequence is remarkable in being highly basic, having 4 arginine, 3 lysine and 1 histidine with no acidic residues in a total of 32 residues. The leader sequence has no extensive hydrophobic stretches, has 72% homology with the leader peptide of human ornithine transcarbamylase [1], and in terms of its basic character resembles the N-terminal extensions on a number of fungal mitochondrial [2-5] and pea chloroplast [6] proteins. Thus the basic nature of these leader peptides may constitute the signal for mitochondrial import.


publication date

  • November 5, 1984