Effect of Overuse Injury and the Importance of Training on the Use of Adjustable Workstations by Keyboard Operators Academic Article uri icon


  • The introduction of adjustable workstations for keyboard operators has been widely recommended to eradicate constrained working postures leading to the development of musculoskeletal disorders. A questionnaire evaluating the use of adjustable workstations was analyzed for 514 keyboard operators. Anthropometric dimensions and workstation settings were measured for 15 operators. There was no difference between sufferers and nonsufferers of overuse injury on the basis of adjustability of their equipment. However, sufferers were less satisfied with their equipment and there was evidence that inappropriate postures were being adopted. The availability of adjustable equipment per se does not necessarily solve the problem. The design of the equipment must be based on suitable anthropometric data and operators must be trained in the correct use of the equipment. The results of this study indicate a perceived need for training and/or information on workstation adjustment among operators, with a preference for information that is supplied verbally, rather than in literature form.

publication date

  • June 1989