1,2‐Phosphaborines: Hybrid Inorganic/Organic P–B Analogues of Benzene Academic Article uri icon


  • Photolysis of the cyclic phosphine oligomer [PPh]5 in the presence of pentaarylboroles leads to the formation of 1,2-phosphaborines by the formal insertion of a phenylphosphinidene fragment into the endocyclic CB bond. The solid-state structure features a virtually planar central ring with bond lengths indicating significant delocalization. Appreciable ring current in the 1,2-phosphaborine core, detected in nuclear independent chemical shift (NICS) calculations, are consistent with aromatic character. These products are the first reported 1,2-BPC4 conjugated heterocycles and open a new avenue for BP as a valence isoelectronic substitute for CC in arene systems.

publication date

  • 2015