The synthesis of some substituted methyl pyridinecarboxylates. I. Methyl 6-substituted picolinates, methyl 6-substituted nicotinates, and methyl 2-substituted isonicotinates Academic Article uri icon


  • General methods for the synthesis of methyl 6-X-picolinates, methyl 6- X-nicotinates, and methyl 2-X-isonicotinates (X = NO2, Br, MeO, Me2N) from the appropriate 2-amino-n-methylpyridine (n = 6, 5, 4 respectively) are described. Preparations of methyl 6-methylpicolinate and methyl 2-methylisonicotinate from the corresponding lutidines are given also.


  • Campbell, AD
  • Chan, E
  • Chooi, SY
  • Deady, LW
  • Shanks, RA

publication date

  • 1971