Studies on metatherian sex chromosomes. XII. Sex-linked inheritance and probable paternal X-inactivation of a-galactosidase A in Australian marsupials. Academic Article uri icon


  • An investigation of genetic variation in the electrophoretic mobility of the enzyme a-galactosidase A (EC has been carried out for 33 species of Australian metatherian (marsupial) mammals. The results are compatible with the enzyme being sex-linked in macropodids (kangaroos and wallabies) and probably in dasyurids (marsupial 'mice', etc.), as it is in eutherian (placental) mammals. The results also suggest that the mode of dosage compensation for this locus is the same as for other sexlinked loci in kangaroos, i.e. paternal X inactivation, rather than the random X inactivation system of eutherian mammals. The bearing of the enzyme mobility data on phylogenetic relationships among macropodid species is discussed.


publication date

  • 1983