Synthesis and characterization of complexes of thiomolybdates and thiotungstates with copper(I) and silver(I) cyanides, including molybdenum-95 and tungsten-183 NMR properties and the crystal and molecular structures of (n-Pr4N)2[(CN)CuS2MoS2], (n-Pr4N)2[(CN)AgS2WS2], and (Ph4As)2[(CN)CuS2MoS2Cu(CN)].H2O Academic Article uri icon


  • Gheller, Stephen F
  • Hambley, Trevor W
  • Rodgers, John R
  • Brownlee, Robert TC
  • O'Connor, Maxwell J
  • Snow, Michael R
  • Wedd, Anthony G

publication date

  • August 1984