Gentzenizations of relevant logics with distribution Academic Article uri icon


  • We establish cut-free left-handed Gentzenizations for a range of major relevant logics from B through to R, all with distribution. B is the basic system of the Routley-Meyer semantics (see [15], pp. 287–300) and R is the logic of relevant implication (see [1], p. 341). Previously, the contractionless logics DW, TW, EW, RW and RWK were Gentzenized in [3], [4] and [5], and also the distributionless logics LBQ, LDWQ, LTWQo, LEWQot, LRWQ, LRWKQ and LRQ in [6] and [7]. This paper provides Gentzenizations for the logics DJ, TJ, T and R, with various levels of contraction, and for the contractionless logic B, which could not be included in [4] using the technique developed there. We also include the Gentzenization of TW in order to compare it with that in [4]. The Gentzenizations that we obtain here for DW and RW are inferior to those already obtained in [4], but they are included for reference when constructing other systems. The logics EW and E present a difficulty for our method and are omitted. For background to the Gentzenization of relevant logics, see [6], and for motivation behind the logics involved, see [6], [1] and [15]. Because of the number of properties that are brought to bear in obtaining these systems, we prefer to consider Gentzenizations for particular logics rather than for arbitrary bunches of axioms.

publication date

  • June 1996