The structures of the methanol and hexanol adducts of Tris(quinolin-8-olato)manganese(III) Academic Article uri icon


  • X-ray analyses of monoclinic crystals of the methanol and hexanol adducts of tris(8-quinolinolato)-manganese(III) respectively have established their structure. The crystals are isomorphic and belong to the space group P21/n with Z = 4. The cell parameters are a = 10.847, b = 13.201, c = 17.285 Ǻ,β = 97.56� (methanol) and a = 11.201, b = 13.342, c = 17.200 Ǻ, β = 97.09� (hexanol). The methanol structure contains one alcohol molecule per asymmetric unit whereas in the hexanol structure there is only half an alcohol molecule. The hexanol is therefore disordered, with the centre of the central C-C bond lying at the crystallographic centre of symmetry. The configuration of the tris-chelate is meridional.

publication date

  • 1975