Existence theorems for Segal quantization via spectral theory in Krein space Academic Article uri icon


  • AbstractSegal's unitarizing complex structure J is shown, in the Fermi-Dirac case, to be the orthogonal component in the polar decomposition of the real skew adjoint generator of classical dynamics. It is proven that in the Bose-Einstein case, the classical symplectic dynamics cannot be unitarized unless the generator is similar to a real skew adjoint operator.With the classical Hamiltonian strictly positive, J is the pseudo-orthogonal component in the polar decomposition of the generator, using spectral theory in Krein space with indefinite metric. Thus, J can be expressed simply in terms of the projection E(0) onto the subspace of classical solutions with negative frequency. This complements the physicists' experience that conceptual difficulties arise when dynamically invariant separation of positive and negative frequency solutions is impossible.

publication date

  • April 1983