Host CD8α and CD103+ dendritic cells prime transplant antigen-specific CD8+ T cells via cross-dressing Academic Article uri icon


  • The participation of dendritic cells (DCs) in CD8+ T-cell-mediated allograft rejection is a long-standing question of great clinical relevance for tissue transplantation. Here, we show that Batf3-/- mice demonstrate delayed allo-skin graft rejection and are deficient in priming allo-specific CD8+ T cells. Batf3-/- mouse priming is restored by transferring either purified CD8α+ or CD103+ DCs, demonstrating the critical role of these cells in alloreactivity. Using Db -restricted antiviral F5 transgenic T-cell receptor T cells, which we demonstrate are alloreactive with H-2Kd , we show that cross-dressing of CD8α+ and CD103+ primes CD8+ T-cell or allo-specific responses in vitro and in vivo. These findings suggest novel strategies for moderating tissue rejection based on interfering with DC cross-dressing or subsequent interaction with T cells.


  • Li, Bin
  • Lu, Chunni
  • Oveissi, Sara
  • Song, Jing
  • Xiao, Kun
  • Zanker, Damien
  • Duan, Mubin
  • Chen, Jianxin
  • Xu, Huji
  • Zou, Quanming
  • Wu, Chao
  • Yewdell, Jonathan W
  • Chen, Weisan

publication date

  • August 2020