Effects of some cyclic elements containing amphiphilic compounds on stability and transport properties of model lecithin membranes. Academic Article uri icon


  • The paper presents results of studies on changes in model membrane properties induced by some single-chain amphiphilic quaternary ammonium salts with fungicidal activity, N-dodecyl-N-methylmorpholinium chloride (IVC), N-dodecyloxymethylene-N-methylmorpholinium chloride (IVD), N-dodecyl-N-methylpiperidinium chloride (VIC), N-dodecyloxymethylene-N-methylpiperidinium chloride (VID) and N-dodecyl-N,N-dimethyl-N-benzy-lammonium chloride (IB). Two different lipid systems were used, namely, unilamellar liposomes and black planar membranes (BLM). All the compounds studied interfered with sulphate ion transport across liposomal membranes as well as with calcium ion desorption from the membranes. The compounds were found also to change the stability of black lecithin membranes. Generally the sequence of effectiveness of the salts studied on both models used was: IB greater than VID greater than IVD greater than VIC greater than IVC, although there were some differences for particular processes. The results obtained are discussed in view of a possible mechanism of the interaction between the salts studied and the lipid model including the role the salt head group structure and charge distribution can play in this interaction.


publication date

  • January 1, 1987