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Associate Professor Paul Kabaila Associate Professor, Mathematics & Statistics

After completing my PhD on the statistical analysis of time series, I worked as a statistical consultant at CSIRO, Division of Mathematics and Statistics for four years. Then I worked as a consultant in applied stochastic processes at Telecom Research Laboratories for two and a half years. I then joined the Department of Statistics at La Trobe University.

At La Trobe, I have taught a very wide variety of statistics subjects, at all levels. In 2009, I wrote the new 4th year subject Theory of Statistics, which I teach across the Advanced Collaborative Environment (ACE).

I have held visiting appointments at the Australian National University (Jan - Dec 1991), Oxford University (Mar 1997 - Jan 1998), Monash University (Mar - May and Jul - Sept 2002), the Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute (Feb - Jul 2008 and Sept 2008 - Feb 2009) and the University of Melbourne (Dec 2012 - June 2013).

I was awarded an ARC Discovery Grant of $155,000 for the project entitled 'New and computationally feasible methods of constructing efficient and exact confidence limits from count data' (2002-2005, jointly with Chris J. Lloyd). This project has led to important advances in the statistical analysis of count data in fields such as epidemiology, reliability, toxicology and finance.

In 2005, La Trobe was the first university to have its Statistics Degree Program accredited by the Statistical Society of Australia Inc.. I was the Responsible Officer for the application that resulted in this accreditation and two subsequent re-accreditations.

Current Research

My research is currently focussed on
(a) the effect of preliminary statistical model selection on confidence intervals and prediction intervals,
(b) frequentist confidence regions and prediction regions that utilize uncertain prior information and
(c) model averaged confidence intervals.

I am currently supervising PhD students Christeen Wijethunga and Nishika Ranathunga in these fields.

I presented a one hour invited talk entitled "Confidence intervals in regression utilizing prior information" at the Workshop on Current Trends and Challenges in Model Selection and Related Areas, held at the University of Vienna, Austria, 24 July - 26 July 2008. I was also the organiser (with Hannes Leeb) of the Special Topic Session on Inferential tools based on model selection, shrinkage and related methods at the 58th World Statistics Congress of the International Statistical Institute held in Dublin, Ireland from 21 to 26 August 2011. I presented a 45 minute invited talk entitled "The harmful effect of preliminary model selection on confidence intervals" at the ANU's Research School of Finance, Actuarial Studies and Applied Statistics annual camp at the Murramarang Resort, 2-4 Dec 2013.

Students who have completed their PhD studies under my supervision work in a variety of fields. Jarrod Tuck (PhD, 2007) is a Business Analytics expert who is currently Director, Marketing Analytics & CRM Infrastructure Strategy at The Estee Lauder Companies Inc., Hong Kong. Khageswor Giri (PhD, 2009) is a Biometrician at the Department of Primary Industries, Victoria. Waruni Abeysekera (PhD, 2015) is a bioinformatician at the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne. Sa-aat Niwitpong (PhD, 2009), Khreshna Syuhada (PhD, 2009), Davide Farchione (PhD, 2009) and Dilshani Tissera (PhD, 2014) are all university teachers.


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