Dr Peter Sale Academic, Animal Plant & Soil Sciences

Dr Sale's current research interests are in managing subsoil constraints to improve crop production. This research began with a request from grain producers in the high rainfall zone of Victoria to improve the dense clay subsoils, which were restricting crop yields, particularly in dry springs. The research led to the practice of subsoil manuring that improves the structure of the clay layers in the subsoil. Since retiring from full-time teaching, Dr Sale has been working to use the experience gained from the subsoil research to test different approaches to rehabilitate 'wasteland soils' in the central dry zone of Myanmar.

He joined the staff in 1988 and was the project leader for the National Reactive Phosphate Rock Project from 1991 to 1996. He has supervised numerous postgraduate students in the field of pasture and crop agronomy. In 2008, Dr Sale published the second edition of Agriculture in Australia: An Introduction,with Bill Malcolm and other authors from the University of Melbourne.


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