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Dr Robyn Christine Ball Graduate Researcher, Autism Research Centre

Dr. Robyn Ball is a praticing clinical psychologist and PhD candidate. She is interested in the area of autism and mental health and her PhD research topic is centred on engaging mental health practitioners to learn more about autism and to build their competence in providing optimal mental health care to autistic individuals. Robyn's interest in autism is informed by her experience as a clinical psychologist who previously knew little about autism, as well as her personal experience of a family member receiving a late diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder. Before training in psychology, Robyn studied sociology and politics and worked in social policy and program development and delivery. That experience of organisational and personal change processes also informs her approach to her current research. Robyn also has a particular interest in Indigenous mental health and wellbeing following her experience working with the Melbourne Indigenous community for 13 years prior to commencing her PhD studies.


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