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Professor Rhonda Small Adjunct Professor, Judith Lumley Centre

Rhonda has worked at the Judith Lumley Centre (formerly Mother and Child Health Research) since the Centre was established in 1991 and was its Director from 2009 to 2013. Rhonda has been involved in several programs of research over the last 20 years.
Her PhD investigated maternity care experiences and postnatal health of Vietnamese, Turkish and Filipino women in Melbourne and her current research is focused on analyses of routine perinatal data investigating country of birth variations in obstetric outcomes. She is Co-Leader (with A/Prof Anita Gagnon) of the international perinatal research collaboration: ROAM - Reproductive Outcomes And Migration, working with perinatal researchers across Europe, the US and Canada. Rhonda has also been involved in the Centre's major research program on maternal depression, ranging from descriptive studies on prevalence and women's experiences of depression, to three randomised trials of interventions to improve women's emotional wellbeing after birth. Other areas of work include being a lead investigator with COMPASS, an NHMRC capacity building grant in population health research, and a chief investigator with Angela Taft in research to improve maternal health in the context of intimate partner violence.
Rhonda's research interests include: women's views and experiences of maternity care, cross-cultural issues in perinatal research and birth outcomes for immigrant and refugee women, models of maternity care, promoting normal birth, maternal depression, women's health and intimate partner violence.


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