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Dr Rhonda Hallett Director, Learning Futures, LTLT

Rhonda Hallett is Director of Learning Futures in La Trobe Learning and Teaching at La Trobe University.

She has twenty year's experience of working as an academic developer in tertiary settings from the perspective of various roles including: Head of units responsible for academic and curriculum development ;Manager of institution-wide recognition and reward systems and processes; Academic Coordinator of Graduate Certificates in Tertiary Education, and Policy Advisor. Her current role as Director of Learning Futures is to collaborate withwith the Univeristy's Colleges and other functional units in the development of staff and student-facing learning support processes and systems at La Trobe University. She is also Project Sponsor of the Digital Learning Strategy (DLS) curriculum renewal project which has worked with over 250 academics in 231 subjects since 2015 to rethink approaches to teaching arising from systematic review of student experiences of subjects.

Learning Futures is an academic unit comprising academics with academic development and student learning support expertise whose roles combine work with both staff and students. The role of Learning Futures is to stimulate and support purposeful change in teaching practice aimed at improving student satisfaction, retention and progression. This approach considers the future of learning and work and the implications which current changes influencing curricula, learning and teaching have on academic practice and academic and student learning identities. In 2017, Learning Futures launched an innovative Professional Learning Framework which supports academic leaders and individual academics to develop professional learning programs that respond to discipline-specific issues and requirements, while accruing credit for the University's Graduate Certificate in Higher Education.

Rhonda is curently leading an Office for Learning and Teaching (OLT) project investigating the potential of disaggreggated learning as a concept in the development of credit-accrual professional learning systems and processes for teaching in Higher Education. The project focuses on the Innovation Research Universities (IRU), and aims to support the development of agreed standards and criteria for teaching across member organisations. She is also leading two other research projects, including a SOTL-led teaching development program at La Trobe University. She continues to research in the area of her doctoral study which was an investigation of academics' working knowledge (the knowledge used in day-to-day academic practice) and an exploration of what this means for academic development. Acknowledged as an original contribution to the field, she was recipient of the prestigous University Medal for Best Thesis by the awarding institution (Victoria University 2013).