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Ruth Hardman Graduate Researcher, Public Health LTRHS

I am currently a full-time PhD student at the LaTrobe School of Rural Health, on an industry scholarship with Sunraysia Community Health Services. However, I am primarily a clinician, having worked as a physiotherapist in multidisciplinary persistent pain units for over 20 years, in the UK, Adelaide and more recently in Mildura.

My area of research is the challenges that are faced by people with psychosocial complexity and multimorbidity in self-managing chronic illness and negotiating the healthcare system. I have long been interested in how people come to terms with chronic health challenges – either doing well or badly - and how their relationships with health professionals influences this.
My perspective on this issue is influenced by what I have learned from my patients, together with past academic study in philosophy and sociology and the personal experience of parenting a child with chronic illness. I hope to develop screening and planning tools to help health professionals work more effectively with complex patients.


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