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Dr Robert Ross Senior Lecturer, Engineering

Robert's research is related to robotics, sensors and mechatronics. His PhD involved autonomous imaging of car undercarriages using a catadioptric imaging system mounted on a mobile robot platform. He has also been researching in novel optical flow algorithms used in robot localisation along with mobile robot drain inspection techniques, agricultural robotic applications and applications of machine vision. Additionally Robert has been involved in the development of low-power embedded systems and sensory packages used for environmental and application specific monitoring.

Robert has also been a guest presenter at CONASTA, STAVCON, LABTECH, DATTAVic and other STEM based conferences. Robert designed some of the key STEM outreach programs used within the Engineering Department including LaserTag, LaserBot and BristleBot.

Robert's R&D heavily tends towards creating functional prototypes and is keen to employ his considerable background in embedded systems and robotics to actually make things work - rather than just modelling them. Robert is also the director of the RAMPS R&D group (www.rampslaboratory.com) which is a research group aiming to solve real world problems related to Robotics, Automation, Mechatronics and Sensing by creating functional Prototypes.

When not at work Robert spends his time automating his house, trying to be a loving husband and father and serving with St Stephens Presbyterian Church.