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Dr Richard Broome Emeritus Professor, History

Professor Richard Broome AM, FAHA, FRHSV is the author of fourteen books and many articles in Australian and Indigenous History. He lectured at La Trobe from 1977-1981 before becoming a commissioned historian, writing Arriving (1984) and Coburg: Between Two Creeks (1987). He returned to La Trobe in 1987, being appointed Associate Professor in 1992, and Professor in 2009. He served on the History Institute of Victoria for ten years, being President 1995-1996. He was review editor for the Victorian Historical Journal for two years; consultant to the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody (1991); authored brochures for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission, and texts for Year 12 students in partnership with the History Teachers' Association of Victoria. He was appointed a Fellow of the Academy of the Humanities in 2006. He was also co-editor of the journal Australian Historical Studies (2010-12). His book Aboriginal Victorians. A History since 1800 (2005) won the NSW Premier’s Prize in Australian History and the Victorian Community History Book Prize (2006-07). It was also short listed for the HREOC non-fiction prize (2005); and the Victorian Premier's non-fiction prize (2005). Aboriginal Australians. A History since 1788 published in three editions 1982, 1994 and 2001, was completely rewritten into a fourth edition in 2010, and the fifth edition is due in late 2019.
Since retirement in December 2012, he has remained active in History, being Patron of the History Teachers Association of Victoria (2013+), Chair of the Publications Committee and Councillor of the Royal Historical Society of Victoria (2013-19) and President (2019+). He is co-editor of the Victorian Historical Journal 2017+. He has written four books, seven articles and chapters and delivered over 150 lectures since 2012: including Fighting Hard. The Victorian Aborigines Advancement League (2015), Remembering Melbourne 1850-1960 with four others (2016); Naga Odyssey, Visier’s Long Way Home with Visier Sanyü (2017) with an Indian edition 2018; and Mallee Country. Land, People, History with Charles Fahey, Andrea Gaynor and Katie Holmes. (in press).

Professor Broome has published fiveteen books and over thirty articles and chapters as well as VCE text books.


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