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Professor Robert Manne Emeritus Professor, Politics

Emeritus Professor Robert Manne was educated at the Universities of Melbourne and Oxford and was Professor of Politics at La Trobe University until his retirement in December 2012. Professor Manne is currently convenor of La Trobe's Ideas & Society program.

Professor Manne has published a large number of extended political essays and has written or edited twenty-five books on a wide variety of topics, including The Petrov Affair: Politics and Espionage; The Culture of Forgetting: Helen Demidenko and the Holocaust; Left, Right, Left: Political Essays: 1977-2005; Making Trouble: Essays against the New Australian Complacency; Cypherpunk Revolutionary: On Julian Assange; and three Quarterly Essays, "In Denial: The Stolen Generations and the Right", "Sending Them Home: Refugees and the New Politics of Indifference" and "Bad News: Murdoch's Australian and the Shaping of the Nation". His most recent book is "The Mind of the Islamic State" published in Melbourne and New York.

His books and essays have won various awards.

Manne has been the editor of the series of political books published since 2003 under the imprint of Black Inc. Agenda. Between 1987 and 2004 he was a regular columnist at different times at The Melbourne Herald, The Australian, The Age and The Sydney Morning Herald, and also a regular commentator on public affairs for the ABC.

In 2005 he was voted Australia's leading public intellectual in a vote conducted by The Sydney Morning Herald.


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