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Professor Roger Douglas Emeritus Professor, Law School Operations

I have taught at La Trobe since 1972, after having earlier been a tutor in Political Science at the University of Melbourne. My main ongoing research has related to the use of law in relation to political dissent, and in particular, to the way in which law is used both by governments and by their adversaries. This work has included research into the control of demonstrations, a study of Australian governments' attempts to use law to control the activities of the Communist Party of Australia and most recently, a study of the law and politics of counter-terrorism. A parallel interest has involved the study of courts as quasi-political institutions, and this coexists uneasily with some largely 'black letter' legal research which is, of course predicated on the assumption that judicial decision-making can also be described as 'law bound' - and especially so when one is examining lower courts. I have taught numerous subjects including: Criminal Behaviour, Criminal Justice, Law and Psychology ,Quantitative Methods for Criminologists, Law and Economics, Socio-Legal Research Methods, Policy Making in a Federation, and more recently, Civil Procedure, Administrative law and Law of Equity and Trusts.

I do not manage any large money-making or money-losing centres.


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