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Raza Nowrozy Academic, Comp Sci & Info Tech

Raza Nowrozy is a Cybersecurity Tech Lead at National Australia Bank and an Academic Tutor and Research Assistance in Cybersecurity at LaTrobe University, Australia. He received his Master’s in Cybersecurity from Latrobe University , Australia in 2019. He is currently doing his PhD at Victoria University conducting research on Blockchain Technology. Raza published his first research article as a chapter book in “Blockchain for Cybersecurity and Privacy: Architectures, Challenges and Applications” book - edited by Taylor and Francis. He works on various advanced topics on security, data sharing, blockchain and access control.

Raza is a highly qualified and knowledgeable IT Professional with broad experience in cybersecurity, system engineering, wireless technology, network and system administration. Raza has a high level of technical expertise within the functional area of cybersecurity and network management from an understanding of cybersecurity concepts and principles with strong IT skills and in-depth knowledge of Ethical Hacking and Pen Testing methodologies.


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