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Stevie Browne Graduate Researcher, Education - Bundoora

Stevie Browne (previously Stevie Lebhers) is a full-time PhD candidate in the School of Education at La Trobe University in her third year of candidature. In particular, Stevie is undertaking a cross-disciplinary study of teacher identity, examining how Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) influence the lives and work of teachers. Her research is centred on improving the experience of schooling, as well as understanding the protective factors at play throughout their childhoods. The findings of this research project will provide a basis for improving our understanding of the impact of childhood trauma on adult identity, as well as influencing teacher education programs, and informing prevention and early intervention for young people experiencing adversity today.

She completed her Bachelor of Education (Secondary) with Honours from Queensland University of Technology in 2014. Stevie was a teacher graduate from the National Exceptional Teachers for Disadvantaged Schools (NETDS) program. The program specifically prepares high-performing preservice teachers for work in disadvantaged schools. She taught English and Humanities in secondary schools in Queensland and New South Wales.

Stevie completed a Master of Education (TESOL) in 2017 with Distinction, minoring in Educational Psychology. Her thesis explored discursive practices in schools and the impact on students from low-socioeconomic backgrounds. In particular, Stevie explored the construct of the 'ideal' student, and ways schools might create identity-safe spaces which sustain a sense of student origins.

Alongside this, Stevie is a Research Assistant in the School of Education. She has worked in curriculum development and subject design on LMS, in addition to her work as a tutor and casual lecturer. Her research interests include adverse childhood experiences (ACEs), intersectionality, family and sexual violence prevention, trauma literacies, identity, life story, social justice education, Indigenous rights and anti-racist education, and educational disadvantage.


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